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Personal Information


5 ft 11 inches
Dark Full
175 lbs.
Playful Tiger or Dominant Beast
Requirements: Females Only
Ability: Up to 4 Hours Hard
Size: 7.5 - 8 Inches
Category: Kelowna Casual Encounters
Body Style: Average Slim - 175 lbs.
Females Only: Age 18 - 40
Cost: No Cost - Free
Terms: Satisfaction Guarantee
Privacy: Absolute Total Personal Privacy
My Name: Danny


Email or Text Danny today.
Text me: 604 243 6869

(I live in the Kelowna - Penticton area and able to respond quickly)

Reserved for Kelowna - Penticton area girls only.

✅ FEMALES ONLY ... 🚫 Absolutely NO MEN!

Danny is on Leo list

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